327 Riverwood

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327 Riverwood


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327A Belmore Road, Riverwood NSW 2210, Australia

2 Reviews


    There were only two girls working when I got there at about 11am. I gues the other two girls hadn’t turned up yet. The first girl, Helen, tried to drag me off without letting me check the other girl out. I’m glad I insisted to see both girls because, although the girls were older and more homely than the website suggested, Lulu was small and cute with pretty face that reminded me of an ex-. My god she was awesome! She licked me to perfection, she came all over my cock squeezing me with her pussy to a fantastic climax and then gave me a delicious massage (head and shoulders). Great value for money at this place. Maybe there are younger girls later in the day but I was completely satisfied with Lulu.

    Mar 16, 2017

      are those girls are all safe do they have sexually transmitted diseases?

      Oct 22, 2017

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